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We've started a campaign to let the government know that residents along the Bankstown line are unhappy about the Metro line and the gross levels of over-development which are being forced on our suburbs in its name.

There are a number of ways you can support our campaign.

Form letter

You can cut and paste and send the form letter below to:


I call on you to support the Sydenham to Bankstown Alliance campaign to abandon the proposed increase in development in the Sydenham to Bankstown rail corridor intended to support the proposed Sydney Metro Southwest Project.

This proposal will:

  • Lead to the demolition of over 4,000 existing low density houses in the Sydenham to Bankstown Rail Corridor

  • Destroy heritage suburbs such as Hurlstone Park, Dulwich Hill, Marrickville and Belmore

  • Over-develop the Sydenham to Bankstown corridor, adding 83,000 people, without increasing schools, open space, hospitals and other facilities and services required by the community.

Further, we call on you to support our campaign for the government to abandon the proposed Sydney Metro Southwest. Our concerns are that this proposal will:

  • Waste monumental amounts of government funds, given there is an existing train service in this corridor

  • Cause considerable disruption to services during construction with an estimated 8,544 passengers forced onto buses during the morning peak period.

  • Reduce the number of seats per carriage forcing more passengers to stand while commuting

  • Isolate Bankstown line commuters from the rest of the Sydney Rail Network - one impact of this is that commuters will lose direct access to seven stations between Sydenham and the CBD.

  • Squander the opportunity to provide rail services to areas that currently don’t have them

Yours Sincerely



We're carrying out a survey on whether people want the Metro line. This is important to understand community sentiment.

You can fill out our survey here.

Social media

You can join our Facebook page and contribute to the online debate and discussion on this issue.

Support our campaign

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