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Hundreds of homes are set to be demolished at Punchbowl in streets to the north and south of the railway station. This is set to lead to a dramatic character change for this diverse and active community.

Streets including Turner St and Campbell St will be transformed from single-storey family homes in low-density zones to canyons of eight-storey unit blocks. Homes along South Terrace and Griffiths Avenue will also make way for unit blocks.


Additionally, hundreds of houses are due to be demolished in Bankstown, mainly to the south of the CBD. This includes Vimy and Restwell Sts, which a 2010 heritage review found contained historically significant houses due to the fact the area was a relatively intact and comparatively large War Services Home Commission estate.


The review found the area “provides valuable evidence of the role the Commission in providing housing in the post World War I era and assistance to returned servicemen and their families.”

Campbell St at Punchbowl, where eight-storey development is proposed

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