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Campsie has a diverse housing stock, with detached family homes intermingled with walk-up unit blocks. Under the urban renewal plans, this diversity will be replaced by comprehensive block-by-block redevelopment of the suburb.

Areas within 400m of the railway station will become a sea of high-rise towers of no less than eight storeys and up to 25 storeys. This includes a proposal to put towers between 13-18 storeys to the north and west of Campsie public school, which surely must raise privacy and overshadowing issues.

A total of six blocks have been set aside for towers up to 25 storeys a further 13 blocks where towers up to 18 storeys will be allowed. Single dwelling housing clustered around the suburb’s quaint London-style urban pocket parks – Anglo Square and Carrington Square – are among the hundreds of houses proposed to be demolished for high-density housing.

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Carrington Square at Campsie, proposed for eight-storey development on either side of the street

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